Delta Analytics is a „new generation“ company.

We follow the principles

  • understanding producer and customer as a network, working together at the same goals / interests. Your input is valuable to us, to gain maximum output for costumer and producer.
  • the application is the core element, not the machine. If your interest goes beyond the standard application: We prepare the instrument / software to fit your application best
  • the path between developers, sales person and customer has to be short, and
  • only the use of high quality components will make the instrument competitive for us.

Statements to achieve this philosophy

  • The communication with the customer, who knows the scope of his work / research best is our heartfelt wish.
  • To make the best use out of a technology / instrument is by knowing its limits and to define / characterise these limiting factors.
  • A flat hierarchy makes not only the structure of the company transparent, but increases the efficiency in labor and cost.