FTIR Technique DITA

Fourier-Transform-Infrared (FTIR) Technique uses an interferometer and a broad band light source to measure the absorption of all gas components in one scan. The recorded interferogram is fouriertransformed to yield the wavenumber-spectrum between 400 cm-1 and 4000 cm-1. Measuring a molecule in the gas phase makes it easy to identify through its known rotational-vibrational structure. The gained spectrum may be compared to FTIR-spectra of measured pure gases or to tabulated theoretical spectra of public domain libraries like HITRAN.

Gas Flow Diagramm

  • Bruker FTIR spectrometer Alpha connected to a 5-m multipass cell.
  • Gas management with stainless steel tubes and vici valves via 10 inlet ports for simultaneous sample and reference inlet.
  • Sample drying with integrated nafion element and magnesium perchlorate.
  • Active temperature stabilization.

Mode of Operation

  • Bruker software OPUS with integrated VB-scripts for gas management control.
  • Individual measurement sequences via VB-script.

Analysis of Data

  • Analyse your data with MathCad/Octave scripts, easily adaptable to your individual needs.